What is Clean Room?

Clean Room helps you to do just that, have clean rooms.

How does Clean Room get rooms clean?

Using a wall mounted touch screen your patrons can let you know right away if a room needs to be cleaned.

Time and Money Saver
Clean Room Software allows longer intervals between regular room inspections. This allows your employees to focus on others tasks which could in turn allow for fewer man hours for the same work load.
Customer Satisfaction
When you are able to get immediate notifications you are able to send an employee to clean the respective room in a short period of time. Fewer customers will have to deal with the mess and cleaner rooms means happier customers.
Immediate Notifications
Recieve emails to a specified email address. Look for future updates to include text messaging.
Data Tracking
See problem areas and trends. Use response times to cleaning requests to train employees all from the comfort of your office.
Customized Graphical Display
Use your branding information to advertise your concern and promise for clean facilities to your patrons.
Remote Administration
Change settings remotely for notifications and users for multiple locations.